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Michael G. Sadof

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Michael G. Sadof has over 25 years of experience as an Information Technology professional. As the owner of an Information Systems consulting company which specializes in the design, analysis and reporting of large databases of a financial or statistical nature, Mr. Sadof has experience in full lifecycle application development and support with the SAS® system. Additionally his experience includes development in SQL, JCL, UNIX Shell Scripting, and COBOL. He possesses strong analytical skills and can interface effectively with business users and client managers to gather and translate application requirements. Mr. Sadof is currently a SAS Certified Professional at the Data Management Level.


Most recently he has been involved in design and development with the SAS Business Intelligence products, optimization and data warehousing projects, information visualization and the presentation of survey and test results utilizing the SAS® System. He has been responsible for designing, developing, optimizing and testing SAS systems on the three common platforms namely: z/OS, UNIX, and Windows. He is proficient in the installation and configuration of SAS BI tools. Mr. Sadof stresses a strong liaison between the customer/user and the developer to produce efficient, maintainable and user friendly information systems.





Mr. Sadof has worked with SAS Institute on several consulting projects to install and configure the SAS v9.13 Business Intelligence Platform. He has also developed a system using the Data Integration Studio under the BI-Platform. This DI Studio project involved SAS SPDS, SAS Metadata Server and SAS Data Quality Server to develop a data warehouse used for market analysis and the SAS Campaign Studio.


Mr. Sadof has participated in the development of a data warehouse and data mart that will eventually contain over 8 billion records. His specific responsibility was to develop a SAS® Warehouse Administrator application to maintain the database as well as to extract, transform, and load the data into the warehouse which has an Oracle 8 database backend. The warehouse exploits the SAS®/Connect, SAS®/Share, and SAS®/Access features of SAS and has been implemented on the both the desktop workstation and the server for redundancy and disaster recovery purposes. This application is written in SAS version 8.2 and utilizes a series of multiple ‘RSUBMITS’ to balance the workload across CPU’s and servers to dramatically reduce the time required to load the data. This system was developed without the benefit of V9’s parallel processing capabilities and without Oracle 10g’s automatic partitioning system. Within the warehouse a series of data marts and MDDB’s have been created to help the users explore the vast amounts of data with ease. Eventually this database will be exploited with the SAS® Enterprise Miner.


In another project Mr. Sadof was responsible for the optimization of collateral model system for a large financial institution involving data cleansing, transformation, and warehousing (z/OS, SAS, COBOL, UNIX KORN shell scripts). This project involved the processing and warehousing of over 100 gigabytes of data per month. Mr. Sadof was instrumental in working with the business users to determine requirements and business rules to transform data. The system was developed primarily in SAS with IBM/OS-Utilities, UNIX shell scripting and some COBOL to speed up processing. Several unique tricks were used to overcome space limitations and process the data with pipeline parallelism to improve performance and reduce the processing time.


For Marriott Corporation Mr. Sadof created a Performance Data Profile reporting system (a decision support system). This system was developed in EIS utilizing SAS/GRAPH, MDDB cubes with drill down capability. This enabled hotel management to make better decisions concerning the opening and closing of new hotels across the nation.


Mr. Sadof has extensively used the Enterprise Guide and he has taught classes in it and used several of the other SAS vertical products which use a similar interface. Mr. Sadof is as comfortable in hard coding data steps as he is using the point and click drop down approach. His goals have always been to make it operate seamlessly and effortlessly for the end user.


Additional relevant skills:

· Presenting and leading training seminars;

· Teaching SAS programming classes using base SAS, Macro and the Enterprise Guide;

· Experience with large databases from 10 million to over 5 billion records;

· Processing large data input files via mainframe, and UNIX servers;

· Experience in mainframe JCL, UNIX KORN shell scripting, and Windows Server scripting;

· Experience in administrating Windows Server networks including Active Directory;

· Experience in integrating Microsoft Access and Oracle databases with SAS;

· Data cleaning and manipulation;

· Data presentation;

· Version control and change management utilizing various CM software including Rational Rose products such as Rational ClearCase/ClearQuest and MCM (a mainframe product);

· Experience in health statistics and maintaining health related data warehouses such as the Champus Data Integration Project.






IBM 3090 series, DEC VAX, HP 6000, Sun-Solaris, Windows Platforms



IBM z/OS, JCL, TSO/ISPF, VAX/VMS, UNIX, Sun-Solaris, Windows xx, Visual Basic, COBOL, DB2, IMS (DL/I), FORTRAN, PL/1, SPSS, SAS®, dBASE‑xx, Clipper, MS-Access.




Optum Health/United Health Care       



Consulting services toward strategic usage of SAS Data Integration in support of an implementation of the SAS Business Intelligence based reporting system and SAS marketing Automation for SAS 9 Solution. This project entailed:

  • Design and implementation of a multi-layered, multi-tiered SAS Business Intelligence Server Environment (BI-Server). This system contains multiple physical servers as well as multiple SAS metadata servers to support the development, test, and production environments. It is functioning to create a data warehouse/data mart in support of SAS Marketing Automation system obtaining and integrating data from various sources including Oracle, DB2, and external files.
  • This solution involved not only the architecture of several new servers but the actual loading of all software, designing directory structure, and designing Unix security layer.
  • Design and implementation of multi-layered SAS security in support of the various development environments and various back-end servers such as Oracle, DB2 and SPDS Server.
  • Design and optimization of SAS Scalable Performance Data Server implementation.
  • Developed best practices for Data-Integration Studio developers to best utilize environments for development, testing, QA, and production.
  • Developed and presented training seminars for developers and testers.
  • Supported mentoring of off-shore team.
  • Developed production ready schedules.
  • Migration, testing and optimization of legacy SAS, DI-Studio programs, and SPDS data from existing system to the newly built-out servers.
  • Developed reusable macros and stored procedures for logon and data access.
  • Designed best practices for source control, promotion, and change management.
  • The design was to maintain source control and change management with Subversion. Promotion was controlled within the BI-Platform. Scheduling was implemented with Platform Scheduler.
  • Specific SAS tools used in this project:
    • DI-Studio
    • Platform Job Scheduler
    • SAS Marketing Automation
    • SPD Server
    • SAS/Connect
    • chemas-microsoft-com:officemarttags" />Enterprise Guide
    • SAS Management Console



  • Working for multiple clients including SAS Institute to develop and maintain a SAS Data warehouse utilizing SAS SPDS Server, SAS Data Integration Studio, SAS Metadata Server, SAS Campaign Studio and SAS Data Quality Server.
  • Development of a large scale Data Warehouse in SAS Data Integration Studio that will support marketing campaigns with SAS Campaign Studio for a large insurance company.
  • Use of SPDS and SAS/Share data sets.
  • Supported multiple users on EG and DI-Studio as mentor and trainer.
  • Interacted with larger team of architects, designers, and DBA’s to optimize system.



·         Statistical Reporting with Enterprise Guide.

·         Development of extracts from Oracle and MySQL databases.

·         SAS Integration with Microsoft Excel.

·         Worked closely with marketing analysis team to develop marketing reports.

·         Involved the use of Oracle and MySQL databases.

·         Developed automated schedules and triggers to run production schedule.

Freddie Mac


  • Integration and automation of system to retrieve credit scores from credit repositories for newly funded loans involving WebMethods server, SAS, DB2, and mainframe files. The system relies upon trigger files sent by each subsystem to coordinate and integrate the movement of data to the various processing agents. System involves aspects of mainframe scheduling, JCL, SQL extract of data from DB2, manipulation of data with SAS, automating FTP and other scripts. The process enables the data to be processed in several hours rather than several days.
  • FTP and SSC transfer of data.
  • ClearCase/ClearQuest integration for Source Control, change management and control.
  • Numerous other optimizations of mainframe SAS systems.
  • Use of MCM change management for Mainframe promotions.




  • Building a Data Warehouse utilizing Oracle, Solaris Shell Scripting, Win/2k batch programs, SAS Data Warehouse Administrator, SAS Access, SAS Connect, and SAS Share for the IRS Business Modernization effort
  • SDLC with Clearcase/Clearquest change management
  • Data warehouse contains 8 billion records,  Optimized loading process with SAS spawner

Nutech Computer Institute


  • Developed and taught Base SAS Course.
  • Developed and presented Pharmaceutical Study example

Freddie Mac


  • Optimized collateral model system for a large financial institution involving data cleansing, transformation, and warehousing (Z/OS, SAS, COBOL, UNIX shell scripts);
  • MCM Change Management, Endeavor
  • Converted SAS v6 to SAS v8 in SAS/Oracle UNIX environment; and
  • Built Oracle database from within SAS utilizing SAS/Access and Proc SQL.



AAMC (American Association of Medical Colleges)


  • Information Visualization and presented survey and test analysis results in SAS from Informix database (SAS Proc Report).

Freddie Mac


  • Developed, tested and installed Year 2000 changes to Credit Risk systems in SAS, DB2, Oracle, Access and Excel;
  • Developed Seller Performance Profile reporting system for credit risk management in SAS; and
  • Optimized credit risk analysis systems and performed Y2K testing.

Marriott Corporation


  • Optimized and implemented the Performance Data Profile reporting system (a decision support system) using SAS and SAS/GRAPH in the Windows and MVS mainframe environments.



  • Designed, developed, tested and project managed system to analyze claims data for heath in a health insurance application (SAS in a UNIX and Windows environment).

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