Multi-Tier Architecture



Data Tier

Often referred to as the ‘back-end’ and contains your data whether it be in ERP systems, SAS data files, proprietary  databases, or SAS Scalable Performance Data Structures (SPDS tables).

Server Tier

Various logical servers that comprise the SAS BI system

Meta Data Server

First and foremost this logical server is the brain and memory for the whole system.  

Contains all the information needed for authorization, modeling, and reporting.  

Maintains tables that describe your data, your users, your authorization levels, your passwords and connections to external data sources.   

Essential the repository for the ‘data about your data’.

Logical Servers

Other logical servers supporting the system are:  

 OLAP Server

 SAS/Connect Server

 SAS/Share Server 

 Object Spawner

 Workspace Server

 Stored Process Server

Client Tier

This typically consists of the various clients that SAS provides to build and explore your data

 SAS Data Integration Studio

 SAS OLAP Cube Studio

 SAS Information MAP Studio

 SAS Enterprise Miner

 SAS Enterprise Guide

Mid Tier

This is also known as the 'Web-Tier' and consists of the browser and web based clients that allow you to surface your data from the Data Tier.

 SAS Web Report Studio

 SAS Information Delivery Portal

 SAS Studio

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