SAS Certifications

is recognized as a SAS Certified Professional by the SAS Institute as a knowledgeable and experienced provider of SAS software development services and has attained the following certifications from the SAS Institute.

You may learn about the SAS Certified Professional program at the SAS website.

Active Certifications

Previous Certifications


SAS Certified Professional for SAS 6 


SAS Certified Advanced Professional for SAS 6


SAS Certified Data Management Professional for SAS 6


MGS Associates, Inc., Inc. is a SAS Institute Alliance Partner. "SAS awards its Alliance Member distinction only to those organizations with proven expertise with our software. Customers can enlist the support of any of SAS' 300 Silver Members around the globe with confidence that they are qualified to implement SAS software-based solutions with a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, ethical integrity and customer satisfaction." SAS Institute.

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